My name is Mary Ann Crowl, and I'm a psychotherapist-turned-nutritionist. I didn't set out to study nutrition; I was actually in the process of transitioning into full-time farm management (that's a whole other story!), but health challenges intervened and my path veered in another direction.

Let me explain.

I stumbled into functional nutrition after more than a decade long struggle with an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and a subsequent diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I'd seen several endocrinologists, worked with one nutritionist, and had a good working relationship with my internist. But I still felt exhausted, frustrated, anxious, and at times, depressed. (Not to mention my hair looked and felt like straw, I suffered from recurrent migraine headaches, experienced peripheral neuropathy in my hands and feet, had a long bout with vertigo, had severe joint pain in my knees, and struggled with ongoing brain fog.) It wasn't until I did copious amounts of research and realized I needed to have some functional lab testing done (that my doctor wasn't familiar with), that I started to dig down to the root cause of my health challenges. I decided to train in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition so I could run the labs myself. Next, I dove into specialized training through The Hashimoto's Institute to better understand the autoimmune thyroid disease that started this whole mess. Finally I undertook and completed a training and mentorship program with Andrea Nakayama of Holistic Nutrition Lab and earned certification as a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner.

The best part?

My joint pain disappeared, the migraine headaches began to evaporate, my energy slowly returned and I was no longer anxious. It felt like a miracle. Functional nutrition is like that. By searching for the root cause of health problems, functional nutrition aims to find out "what's going on in there" and bring the body back into balance. Issues such as inflammation, blood sugar imbalances, food sensitivities, poor sleep, chronic stress, and sedentary lifestyles are at the core of a number of serious health challenges. Am I completely symptom free? Do I always feel 100%? No, but I do feel 1000% better than I did and I've come to understand better how my body works and what triggers symptoms in me. That understanding alone is empowering and gives me great hope. It is this hope that I want to pass on to my clients, by teaching them to  better understand how their bodies work and how they can best optimize their health. I do this through deep digging into personal histories and symptoms, functional nutrition tools and labwork, education and practical advice. I work with clients both in person in my Houston office and through phone consultation with clients across the country.

Education/Professional Background

  •   Masters degree in Counseling Psychology (1990)
  •   Licensed Professional Counselor (since 1991)
  •   Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (since 1992)
  •   Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P)
  •   The Hashimoto's Institute – specialized training in autoimmune thyroid disease
  •   Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner (FNLP)


Nourish and Replenish, LLC, is a functional nutrition and lifestyle counseling practice focusing on research, client education and root cause nutrition.  I do not practice as a psychotherapist in this capacity nor do I diagnose and treat medical conditions.  I do, however, love to partner with MDs and other healthcare providers to give you the best care possible. It takes a village to create healthy villagers!